Sony Xperia Tablet S Review

Sony came late to the tablet game, and when it did finally rock up with the Tablet P and S, it was hardly playing its A game. So now we have the Xperia Tablet S in our hands the question is obviously, has Sony addressed the issues, and is this a device worth buying.

The first bit of good news is that the Xperia Tablet S comes with a name that fits with the rest of the Sony Mobile range, and a price that’s identical to that of the Nexus 10. This means Sony is getting its game together, and that it can actually hope to interest people with its new devices. As long as they’re good. So are they any good? Let’s find out.

Of all the tablets, Sony’s tend to be the most unusual. There was the Tablet P, which we didn’t love, that folded in half, and the original Tablet S had the sort of folded magazine style to it. This style continues with this device too, in much the same way and we do still kind of like it.

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