The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle: 1000 lessons leading to creative mastery

If you’ve ever wanted to get better acquainted with plethoraeser of Adobe apps out there, VentureBeat has an opportunity that’s simply too good to pass up. You’ll get $891 worth of education on Adobe Creative Suite 6 – including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro – for just $99 for a limited time through the VB Store.

That’s a whole lot of learning and without having to part with a whole lot of cash in the process.

With this bundle you’ll learn to master the most powerful digital editing and creation software on the planet with the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Video Course, learn the tools and techniques that will give your graphics that extra edge with the Adobe Illustrator CS6 Beginner Course, master the art of creative page layout with the Adobe InDesign CS6 Master Class, and so much more.

(The highlights of each course in the bundle – and all important offer details – can be found over at the VB Store page.)

Whether you’re into graphic design, web design, audio work, or video production, The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle is for you! So get this offer for a staggering 88% off while this offer still stands – which won’t be for long. Pick up The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle for only $99 – and start on the path to creative mastery today!

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