The Cave Playstation Review

The Cave borrows from and is inspired by one of the oldest and most popular gaming genres. This comes as no surprise since its creator, Ron Gilbert, is also the mind behind some of the genre’s standout titles like Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. Fans of adventure games are likely full of fond memories for these text-based/point-and-click experiences.

Though The Cave is an adventure game at heart, it shifts the gameplay and concepts straight into the current generation while maintaining a classic feel.

Seven strangers, picked to explore a cave…actually, make that eight because those pesky twins ruin a completely good Real World joke. The Cave follows the story of eight people exploring the depths of a talking cave. Each of these characters has come to the mythical cave because after reaching the end of it, they will fulfill their deepest wishes and desires. The characters of The Cave represent certain archetypes from games or pop culture each with their own unique ability.

Take the Hillbilly for example. His missing teeth and floppy barefeet somehow allow him to swim underwater for long periods without drowning. His quest for true love brings him to the cave.

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